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Monday, Mar 18, 2019
Tags: apps bible translations
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Monday, Feb 18, 2019
Tags: apps bible translations
Categories: Nerd Preacher

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Bible Software

Sunday, Mar 18, 2018
Tags: apps bible translations
Categories: Nerd Preacher

Bible Software Here you find these sections: [] ( Three years ago, or something like that, I was browsing the Bible shelves in a christian supplies store (Bender’s) near Buffalo, NY. And I came across QuickVerse for Mac (Black Box), it was on sale, so I figured I’d give it a go. And there’s a lot of good resources in that package, lots of Bible texts, Strong’s Concordance, Commentaries, Bible Dictionaries, Devotionals, books and so on.

Linux and UNIX

Sunday, Nov 14, 2010
Tags: macOS Apps Operating Systems

Welcome to my Linux page. I have worked with both UNIX and Linux for many years.I love the “UNIX way” of doing certain things, and I like much of the philosophy behind UNIX (and Linux), for example how one make lots of small tools, which when they are combined can have fantastic results … If you’re looking into which UNIX or Linux distribution you should choose, take a look at my article Which UNIX or Linux Distribution is The Best?

Nisus Writer Pro Tip: Same Page Section Breaks

Thursday, May 27, 2010
Tags: macOS Word Processors Apps Tips

2010-05-27 22:07 Filed in: [Computer Geek]( /category-computer-geek.html) Nisus Writer Pro continues to impress me. I had a small bug and contacted support. I quickly received a reply with a nice workaround. In the same support request I mentioned a feature request. The request was well received, but I also received back a suggestion of an alternative way of achieving what I wanted: A simple way of splitting some text into columns.