Welcome to the home of Luminum

The Luminum Music Project

**On this page you will find the tracks I have for download. Don’t consider this to be final stuff or anything. If it were computer software, I would call it alpha or beta versions … :)

**The first track I completed (as in just didn’t abandon) was an ambient track, and this was my first completed version:

[ambient02a_mixdown_smaller.ogg](http://www.pbnett.org/mm/ambient02a_mixdown_s maller.ogg)

Later I made another version/mix, somewhat more upbeat, and a little more strings. I’m not sure if I prefer this version. I do have ideas to how I could make this song more “right”, but frankly I’m tired of that song now … :) Well, here goes “Ambient Face”: ambient02c_face.ogg

I already have lots of unfinished projects/ideas, but an idea that I feel is close to something, is this 140 bpm track. I’m not sure what to call the genre, so “funky piano thingy” is the codename. Here’s a version:


Maybe “Funky slow 140bpm jazzy piano trance” would work … ;)

For other music, there’s a lot to check out. I can recommend a friend of mine: Badass&Sinnatagg.