Nisus Writer Pro Tip: Same Page Section Breaks

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Nisus Writer Pro continues to impress me. I had a small bug and contacted support. I quickly received a reply with a nice workaround. In the same support request I mentioned a feature request.

NWP Screenshot

The request was well received, but I also received back a suggestion of an alternative way of achieving what I wanted: A simple way of splitting some text into columns. The support representative suggested I could use “same page section breaks”, which I previously didn’t know existed. He also attached a sample document to show the feature. I started checking it out right away. First I tried without looking at the attachment, and I found what I was looking for in the Insert menu. And as you can see from the screenshot, it works very well.


Same page section breaks is very flexible, and easy to work with. Previously I ended up using tables and such. But with section breaks, I can just split my page into independent sections, and I can split each section into the desired number of columns (in the Toolbar Drawers Section departement). I can also adjust margins and such for each section individually and easily add line dividers and such.

I still cannot remember ever using long time to figure out how to use any of the features in Nisus Writer (neither Express not Pro). There is probably some really cool features I haven’t discovered yet, though. I guess I should try browsing through the Users Manual one day to get tips on new possibilities … Happy

Awesome! Nisus Writer Pro Rocks! Happy

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