About Luminated.net

The word “Luminated” is derived from the latin word “lumen”, which means “light”. The word “illuminated” is a more common derivative, but “Luminated” has a similar meaning: It means “having knowledge”, “being bright” or something like that. The names is not chosen as a very deep meaning or anything like that, but it’s a nice name and a nice domain name – being easy to spell and everything.

My purpose for having this web page is … well, I’m a geek, I do computer stuff, and of course I have a website … Wait, I got a better reason: It’s fun … :) And it may be nice to have yet another place where I can put my opinions, files, guides, songs or whatever I feel like putting out there (as in here) … :) And if someone find any of this helpful or interesting, that’s nice!

The current year by short code: Test: 2020